FMD mixing nozzles

Mixing Nozzles FMD static wing-mixer with 3 or 4 elements adequate for screw diameters up to 130 mm. For high quality plastic parts, it is necessary to have a thermal homogeneous melt. The regular homogeneity of additives like flame retardant and UV-stabilizer are also a guarantor for high quality plastic parts as color and thermal mixing. The high blend power of the mixing-nozzle ensures saving of color-batches and other additives.
NameScrew Ø (mm)Mixing insert (pcs)Length (mm)C1 (mm)C2 (mm)SW1 (mm)SW2 (mm)
FMD 0*10-35312224452746
FMD 010-35412224452746
FMD I30-754128 / 14830603260
FMD II70-1304148 / 16830603260

Specification of FMD mixers:

  • max. injection pressure 2000 bar
  • thermally homogeneous melt
  • uniform melt viscosity also with high regenerate portion
  • closer tolerances, better surface quality of theshaped parts, that means less discarded parts
  • homogeneous colour distribution ➝ streak-free products, reduced colouring material costs
  • amortization by production advantages within a short time
  • self-cleaning, no dead corners

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