Flow Regulators WFR120

This model flowmeter is used to measure and control high temperature water flows. It is characterized by its variability, robustness and compact design. Reading and measuring can be customized for specific customer applications. It ensures an exact regulation of the flow of water in all application and temperature ranges. Optimal water distribution device for closed circuits up to temperature 120°C, water flow up to 16 liters/minute, pressure up to 10 bars, tubes made of glass and screw brass in /out valves.
NameZonesFlow (l/min)Thermometer In/Out (main)In/Out (body)
WFR.120.022up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.02T2up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.033up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.03T3up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.044up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.04T4up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.055up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.05T5up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.066up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.06T6up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.088up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.08T8up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.1010up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.10T10up to 16yes1"1/2"
WFR.120.1212up to 16no1"1/2"
WFR.120.12T12up to 16yes1"1/2"


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