Flow Regulators WFR090

This standard model flowmeter is used to measure and control high temperature water flows. Optimal water distribution device for closed circuits up to temperature 90°C, water flow up to 12 liters/minute, pressure up to 8 bars, tubes made of polyamide and screw brass in /out valves.
NameZonesTypeFlow (l/min) In/Out (main)In/Out (body)A (mm)
WFR.090.01T1threadup to 123/4"3/8"73
WFR.090.01P1pipeup to 123/4"Ø1273
WFR.090.02T2threadup to 123/4"3/8"126
WFR.090.02P2pipeup to 123/4"Ø12126
WFR.090.03T3threadup to 123/4"3/8"179
WFR.090.03P3pipeup to 123/4"Ø12179
WFR.090.04T4threadup to 123/4"3/8"231
WFR.090.04P4pipeup to 123/4"Ø12231
WFR.090.05T5threadup to 123/4"3/8"284
WFR.090.05P5pipeup to 123/4"Ø12284
WFR.090.06T6threadup to 123/4"3/8"339
WFR.090.06P6pipeup to 123/4"Ø12339
WFR.090.07T7threadup to 123/4"3/8"392
WFR.090.07P7pipeup to 123/4"Ø12392
WFR.090.08T8threadup to 123/4"3/8"444
WFR.090.08P8pipeup to 123/4"Ø12444
WFR.090.09T9threadup to 123/4"3/8"497
WFR.090.09P9pipeup to 123/4"Ø12497
WFR.090.10T10threadup to 123/4"3/8"552
WFR.090.10P10pipeup to 123/4"Ø12552
WFR.090.11T11threadup to 123/4"3/8"607
WFR.090.11P11pipeup to 123/4"Ø12607
WFR.090.12T12threadup to 123/4"3/8"659
WFR.090.12P12pipeup to 123/4"Ø12659


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